Disinfect Your Smartphone with a New Fancy Accessory by Bling

cell phone sanitizerBling Accessories is one of the most innovative technology companies in India. Their success spreads now to the western hemisphere thanks to the launching of their new product. Cell phone cleaning device is now available that kills about 99% of the germs usually thriving on all edges of your gadget.

Caring and cleaning advanced pieces of technology was considered a job only for the geeks and technicians, but this UV sanitizer was a breakthrough in cell phones maintenance. Mr. Rahul Bathija, director of Bling Accessories recalls that ‘phone surfaces are carrying more pathogens than a toilet seat!’ and as we carry these devices wherever we go, and eat, work and even sleep with them nearby, keeping them germ free is of major importance.

Bling Accessories are quite popular for their screen protectors Scrathcgard and their latest hit – the Cell Phone UV sanitizer.

How does it work? This cutting edge gadget is able to completely disinfect your cell in less than 3 minutes. It kills bacteria and viruses, even the pandemic H1N1. It is easy to carry, portable and mobile, and one can also clean ear-plugs, headphones, flash memory sticks and other accessories.

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