Cleaning Up Ammonia Spill in Seattle

Seattle Fire Department announced that they had to evacuate everybody near the Fisherman’s Terminal because of ammonia spill yesterday.

The accident happened after the crew which had to repair one of the fishing boats made a hole in the fas line at 4:30 p.m. The ammonia spilled into the so-called blasting freezer on the ship which is confined. One worker was affected by the ammonia but he didn’t want to go to the hospital for treatment.

The team which has to deal with the spill, known as SFD hazardous materials team, cannot reach the hole and they wait for the whole amount of ammonia to leak out. Then they will seal the puncture and start cleaning the ammonia. They hope they will be able to cut off the leak when the levels of the ammonia decrease.

Fortunately nobody’s hurt except the crew member and all people were evacuated on time.

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