Cleaning Up a Nature Park

The warm weather these days makes us walking along the streets and which is even better in the nearest parks. But after you haven’t entered a park during the winter season, now you can be surprised when you do it, because what you are going to see there is awful.

The reason about your surprise will be the illegal garbage thrown out in the parks. The Theaker Avenue Nature Park is one of the places which needs a thorough cleaning because of the fly tipping in the area. And it became one of the first on the list in the new campaign called “Grot Spot”.

The campaign is about such parks and nature reserves which have been used as a dung-hills. Everybody can take part in it even the people who are not able to help physically. All you can do, if you live in the area of Gainsborough, is to report a place which became a spot for illegal rubbish.

The bad news about the reserve is that it is not the first time when it had to be cleaned. The guys who took part in the cleaning process shared that they have been cleaning Theaker Avenue Nature Park before. They also shared that they found great amount of garbage although the place was cleaned in December 2010.

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