10 Things To Expect While Remodeling Your Home – Part 2

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We are back with the second part of 10 Things To Expect While Remodeling Your Home. You can find the first part here.

Now we know there is going to be dust, noise and some financial concerns, but let’s see what else you should expect in order to be fully prepared before starting your very own remodelling project.

As some steps may seem ubiquitous, truth is, there is more to look out for than the naked eye can see.

As there are one too many styles, arrangement concepts, feng shui and etc. To remodel your property has to be something that you do with body and soul for that will be your home for a decent period of time. No tenant, nor homeowner would remodel a property that he or she is planning to leave anytime soon.

5. One step at a time!

The time during remodelling is perfect to erase or demolish things you do not like your interior or exterior. It is important to balance your home’s appearance, so it will be both functional, sturdy and of course, pleasing to the(your) eye. Different people will have different preferences and while for some a simple wall-lighting fixture might be more or less a highly desirable touch. For you, it can be the ugly vinyl floors in the kitchen or bright green painted walls in the bathroom, the tiles or even shower cabin. Fixing what was wrong by your opinion is a small victory and you shouldn’t enjoy it until you’ve fully taken care of all consequences and setbacks.

4. Delays

We can’t control the weather, neither manufacturers can, neither builders, remodelers, handymen and etc. Sometimes weather gets really bad, snow falls, cars break down even people get sick. Therefore sometimes kitchen sink ordered from the factory will take up to 10 weeks instead of seven. Most likely you and your contractor will be working on a schedule that assumes the world is a perfect place and nothing unexpected happens. Knowing that there are things we can’t control will allow you to be more resilient when your schedule shifts. Always bear in mind, that something might go wrong, either with delivery or fitting fails, truth is, there is rarely a remodelling project that will happen

3. Taking decisions

  • How high do you want that shower-head mounted to the wall?
  • Where should this outlet be positioned?
  • Where do you want the cabinet hardware to be mounted?
  • Chrome or oil-rubbed, satin nickel or brushed nickel?

Do you feel confused with all those questions?

  • Prepare yourself for hundreds of questions that you’ll need to answer.
  • You can authorize your interior designer to make those decisions for you.
  • You just have to pick the right one who fully understands how interior design works, what is aesthetic and what is a mess.
  • Use inspirational sources, like Homedecorexpert.com or Handymantips.org.

To get the right combination of furnishing and decoration is a hefty task, often neglected by many. The best way is to build your own sense of style, which will surely not happen overnight.

Read and explore. It is the only way to keep up with the newest trends.

2. Outliers

As the end of your remodelling project is near, it is normal for one or two of the few last details to take longer to resolve than anything else. It can be the light fixture that arrives not working or the last piece of tile meant for your corridor way to be cracked.

The main thing is to get the final details right, even if they take longer than expected. Rome was not built in a day and neither will your dreamy result will be.

1. Time for party

We think that you probably did not expect celebration being part of your remodelling project, but it is still as important.

To show off with your newly remodelled kitchen or living room is part of the game. Throw a party, invite your friends and share your remodelling story – the bad moments & the good ones. To document the entire process many people turn to the modern technologies like drones. They can help with the reporting of the construction progress, providing images for documentation, and monitoring safety.

You can create a single large image of the site by using a software and then show it to your friends and family. There are many benefits of using a drone while remodelling your home especially if you plan installing solar panels or your roof needs inspection. Also, you can consider using a drone for safety reasons.

This way you don’t have to risk your life or the life of a worker if a dangerous place needs to be inspected for further repairs. If you are new to this technology here you can find some of the best drones for sale and make your choice. The wide variety of models and features can fit every homeowner’s needs and level of knowledge.

Last but not at least don’t underestimate the psychology factor for reward yourself for a job well done.

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