What If Mothers Were Paid for Cleaning, Preparing Meals and Parenting?

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British parents play 14 important roles in their households. All these responsibilities combined amount to an yearly salary of about £61,000. A recent study estimates that if parents were paid for every single domestic chore they perform, including cooking, parenting and entertaining their kids, they can work up to 1,820 hours a year which is equivalent to £61,000. So parents, congratulations, you are juggling more than 2 full-time jobs.

Parenting brought down to separate chores such as driving children to school, every morning and taking children out every weekend, is a job that should be paid £10,296.

If cooking and serving meals were  paid jobs, they will cost some £6,000 yearly.

When it comes to cleaning for several hours a day and arranging the rooms, helping with homework assignments and other activities every mother does daily, it all amounts to 1,820 hours of extra work yearly.

Children your parents are worth their weight in gold, and you are lucky they do all that for you for free, as they love you. Be good and grateful.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

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