Too Much Cleaning is Dangerous

On February 8th, 2012 By 

May because the winter is in its end or because it is the season of the sneezes and coughs, but people start cleaning more and sometimes even too much than it is required. But the experts say that too much cleaning is dangerous.

It appears that there are people who are obsessed with the idea of clean home. Some of them are also capable of cleaning to the point of sickness which can have bad effect on one’s health. These people are called germaphobes and they get even more obsessed with cleaning when there is a flu epidemic or something like that. But why too much cleaning is dangerous in these cases?

The reasons are two. First using so many cleaning products can lead to a dizziness. After all everybody knows that the chemicals in the cleaning supplies are harmful even in normal amounts. You can imagine what these chemicals can cause you when you use them very often. The second reason is the using of gel sanitizers, which according to Dr. Hendley from the University of Virginia are more harmful than helpful. These sanitizers help the germs to cling easily and increase the chance of bacteria flaming to your hands. Obviously, too much cleaning is dangerous.

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