Third of British Homeowners Never Clean Windows

On October 24th, 2012 By 


A recent poll shows that 30% of Brits questioned don’t clean their windows. A quarter of them hardly ever clean their ovens. Only 24% of Brits polled clean daily, spending about 2 hours and a half. Some 75% said they care and want to have a clean home.

Even though the house cleaning business is thriving one third confess that their homes are rarely cleaned and are cluttered most of the time. Three in ten Brits say they use window cleaning products to keep their windows clean.

A third of all Brits polled state that they would love a clean kitchen with a sparkling clean hob and spotless oven. But with only a quarter cleaning it, it is rarely like that.

Professional cleaning has helped one fifth of all households to maintain their home sparkling clean. About 12% have used upholstery and carpet cleaning services. The most troublesome areas are toilets, sinks, drains and plugs, and the average Brit would rather entrust a dedicated professional to deal with them.


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