Olympic Cleaners’ Strike in London

On August 9th, 2012 By 

Despite Olympic Games, there will be an Olympic Strike in London. The cleaners hired to take care of the tube stations near the Olympic Stadium said they won’t be at their work places from this morning until Saturday.

This is a huge problem for the organisers of the Olympics as the strikes will be held in front of several of the tube stations which are very important for the visitors of the games. One of those stations is Stanford.

The reason for the protests is the dissatisfaction of the cleaners with their payment. Bob Crow who is a secretary-general of the Transport Trade-union announced that the employees who clean the trains and buses in London want higher payments and this is not the first time they go out for a strike. In February the train cleaners were out to protest as well.

If you plan to visit the Olympic Games these days, you have to consider some different way for moving from one point to another.

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