Merry Christmas to Everyone! Do You Celebrate Already?

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Merry ChristmasIt’s Christmas – the brightest day of the year. We usually spend this day surrounded by our family and friends. And how is it this time?

Many people choose to celebrate away from home. Some of them do that to avoid the cold weather and the snow, other prefer to travel and see new places because this is when they have the time to do it. But which are the popular destinations in 2012? Apparently, this year most of the people have chosen to go to Mexico. The reasons are different – to take a look at the remains of the ancient civilization of the Mayans or to witness the end of the world.

Some of the most popular Christmas destinations are the exotic islands around the world. Barbados, Caribbean and Jamaica are preferred although they are not cheap at all. Thailand is also in the list. The country is known to be hot during Christmas time, there is no rain and snow. And those people who prefer staying on the beach, usually prefer Bali.

Another very interesting topic at this time of the year are the Christmas presents. This is the last chance to buy present for someone you may forgot. Wondering what the gift should be? Take a look at the list of Telegraph with suggestions they posted a week ago.

No matter where you are celebrating, the team of CleanerConfessions wishes you Merry Christmas and may your holidays be full of joy and happiness.

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