Jessica Alba’s Daughter Eats Eco Cleaning Spray

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Jessica Alba got panicked seeing her little girl eating a cleaning product. The 31-old actress, famous for her acting parts in Sin City and Fantastic Four reveals to the People magazine that her 4-year old daughter enjoys eating sugar sprinkles, but didn’t suppose that a cleaning spray will be a good add.

Jessica Alba founded the The Honest Company, producing and delivering eco-friendly products for baby care and home cleaning. Despite that, the actress was really worried when she saw her kid eating cleaning spray. They were making cup cakes and sugar sprinkles were everywhere. The little girl was eating the sprinkles and her mother decided to wipe the sprinkles up, using a counter spray. The girl carried on eating, licking the counter and swallowing some of the cleaning spray.

Hopefully, the eco-friendly cleaning product was safe enough and posed no health threads. It is one of the cases when using natural cleaners can be life-saving.

Jessica had a peace of mind knowing that even when ingested this counter spray would cause no harm.

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