How Clean Restaurants Are?

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Health inspectors have checked several restaurants in Texas during the week. The results are satisfied as the biggest part of the restaurants are in good condition but there was one which had to be closed for several hours.

This inspection gives us an idea about how clean the places where we eat are and which are the main mistakes the workers make. Two of the restaurants which received the highest amount of points are Pizza Hut and Kody’s Bar and Restaurant. They had a score of 97 points losing 3 points for minor problems. Inspectors found out that at the first place the top of the ice machine had to be cleaned and the prep counter at the second place wasn’t wiped down.

The restaurants which received less points were punished because of lack of hair nets, not washing their hands or using scoops without handles.

Within the third group of dinning rooms, the inspectors found major problems and they received only 79 points because there were utensils not washed properly and the employees didn’t store the cleaning chemicals at appropriate places.

One is the place that were closed. The reason was the total lack of hot water but they fixed the problem for a couple of hours.

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