December – The Decluttering and Cleaning Month

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December is the cleaning monthDecember is the most intensive cleaning month with preparations for the upcoming holidays start 2 weeks before Christmas and even earlier. It is not usually day-to-day cleaning, it takes a while to arrange all the clutter and get rid of old useless possessions.

December is the moment for decorating the home and making it inviting by bringing  the Christmas spirit in. So it comes the time to clear enough space to set the Christmas tree in, pick the place to put the decorations, gather all presents or hide them somewhere out of the reach of kids.

Cleaning should be carried out and is imminent, as family reunions and the festive atmosphere as a whole, require thorough scrubbing, dusting, decluttering. When the premise is spick and span, cleaned from top to bottom, then one can truly enjoy the company of dear and near people saving the embarrassment that an untidy home creates.

Housewives are cleaning 3 hours a day extra in December, so this certainly is the month of most intensive cleaning and household chores. And a clean, well-kept home is always a good start for the New Year.

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