Brits Redecorate at Least One Room in the House a Year

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Brits and home redecorations

Britons redecorate their homes once a year. Homeowners change the interior in at least one room yearly, according to a recent study conducted among 2,000 adults in the UK.

Many of the people polled say that updating the décor every year is important as they get tired of seeing the same wallpapers, furniture pieces and so on.

The most frequently redecorated rooms are the kitchen and the living room – places they usually spend most of their time in. Many of the people polled reveal that they get their ideas and inspiration from household TV shows. One in 10 people just copy what they have seen on television. Trying to copy the brave ideas of rich and famous costs at least £220.62 per decoration.

Household experts say that renovations and transformations are a good way to improve your home. Even a new wallpaper makes a difference. Changing the interior a bit will surely contribute to a more stylish appearance.

People are getting more and more extravagant and eager to experiment with vivid colours. Some even go for orange or fluorescent green. A quarter of the people polled have tried painting the walls red, purple, one fifth have used yellow to brighten up the walls.

Britons are still one of the nations that bravely embrace DIY projects and are keen on redecoration.

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