Window Cleaners Wearing Kilts

How would you react if you look through the window and you see the window cleaner standing on the ladder wearing a kilt? Strange, don’t you think?

This is the new fashion in the cleaning business in Victoria, Canada. Peter Waterfield is a window cleaner who wears a kilt and washes the windows of the house in Fairfield. He is the owner of the window cleaning company called “Men in Kilt” which was launched in Victoria a week ago. He admits he liked the idea very much when he saw the cleaners in kilts a year ago in Vancouver.

But why people like those cleaners wearing the traditional British clothes so much? According Waterfield the reason is in the traditions the kilt reminds of. It brings the history with it and people like it. He also thinks that his great work is what makes the customers call again.

“There’s more than enough people going around cleaning windows,” said Gardner who is Waterfield’s partner with the business. His opinion is that the kilt is not enough to keep their customers but the reliable services.

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