Winbot 7 Is the New Window Cleaner

winbot 7Did you clean your windows for the winter? Even if you did it, they probably need to be cleaned again after all these rainy days. That is why it is good to know that a new window cleaning robot will be on the market next year.

Ecovacs launches on the market new window cleaning robot next year. This is the new Winbot 7 which is an improved type of Winbot 5. The company manufacturer announced they skipped from 5 to 7 because the innovations and improvements applied to the new window cleaner are many.

How does the robot clean your home? It does it  while holding to the glass using suction. The cleaning process happens through reusable pads. These pads first wet the glass and then dry it. There is also a squeegee which removes the moisture afterwards.

Another difference between the old robot and the new one is also the battery which is now replaced by a power cord. This provides more power for the cleaner which correspondingly leads to more cleaning tasks done. The remote control you can use to control the cleaning robot is a great advantage.


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