When is the Best Time for Cleaning?


Most people find it hard to decide when to clean the house. Now the latest researches revealed that there is a specific part of the day when you can easily handle particular task. What should your schedule contain?

The site Real Simple published an article about the management of the time during the day announcing that the best time to start cleaning the house is in the afternoon. The experts’ opinion is that any allergy symptoms are less severe in the afternoon or more precisely around 4 o’clock. So, if you know you have to clean a dusty room, they recommend that you shouldn’t do it in the morning when the asthma attacks are more likely to happen.

The cleaning process is one small part of all activities arranged through the day. The morning hours are best for medical appointments and the fitness is better to be scheduled for the late afternoon.

In the evening around 10 pm is time for learning. Dr. Matthew Edlung explains that this is the period when your brain is most likely to memorise.

If you cannot organize your time, just take a look at the best time for each activity and you will easily prepare your schedule for tomorrow. http://www.realsimple.com/work-life/life-strategies/time-management/best-time-day-just-about-anything-10000001053802/index.html


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