Swapping Houses – A Popular Holiday Activity

home exchangeSwapping houses or home exchange is gaining more ground as a weekend or holiday pass-time. Instead of booking flats and paying for accommodation abroad, it is free to exchange your home with another household and go travel to spend your holiday at their place instead.

Exchanging the keys to your home can seem risky at first, but this is the way many families around the UK have a good time exploring other cities and even going abroad. Booking a hotel room, makes one feel like tourist. Living in someone else’s home cannot compare to a night in a hotel room or a hostel. The atmosphere makes the trip somehow personal.

Travelling around and experiencing every city visited is a quite fleeting. Staying in an apartment in Paris, for example, in exchange for your house in Kent allows one to fully indulge and sense how it really feels to live there, even for a short while. Sightseeing in full swing, but a temporary home is what one has at the end of the day and it is not an impersonal hotel, but an entire estate to reside in.

Swapping homes has few setbacks. The property should be well-maintained and clean enough to accommodate strangers. So in other words, considering that the entire home is to be inhabited by other people, it should be clean in a hotel-like mode. Hopefully, the premise got in return will be in good condition, too.

Have you ever exchanged residence? Are you willing to that?

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