Sponges Harbour Bacteria in a Week

kitchen sponge cleaningSponges are ranked among the dirtiest objects in every home that we neglect. Spring cleaning rarely comes down to sponges and taps. But as the environmental microbiologist Professor Charles Gerba reveals kitchen sponges and taps are the main ways for bacteria to reach human skin during dish washing.

Imagine getting infected with E.coli and staphylococcus just because the sponge has been in contact with raw meat. Yes, it is possible.

Scientists at the University of Florida suggest anyone cleaning dishes in the old-fashioned way to disinfect the sponge, by microwaving it on maximum temperature, soaked in water. Microwaves kill all the bacteria, scientists claim.

Kitchen taps are another bacteria-infested place. It is as dirty as a toilet handle. All the dangerous bugs that thrive in the toilet were found on the kitchen tap as well. Some of these harmful bugs are even deadly as the E.coli bug. Surprisingly these bugs are not typical toilet handle inhabitants.

Daily cleaning in the kitchen is a must in order to eliminate all health hazards. Sanitize kitchen cloths and sponges and give the sink a wipe, taps included.

Food is easily contaminated when handled on unclean surface. For your own safety clean the chopping board and all surfaces that may be in contact with food. Use natural cleaners: lemon and salt, for example.

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