Solar Panels Cleaning with Robots

Solar panels which collect the sun light need to be perfectly clean in order to do their job properly. A robot created by students from Call Tech is going to deal with the dust covering them and thus make their work more sufficient.

Depending on the size of the field filled with solar panels, the cleaning process might be performed in different ways. But when it comes to larger area such as a field of 3000 acres, it would be very hard to wipe the dust from so many panels with a squeegee. But a cleaning robot will do much more work.

The device, which looks like a door of a fridge, has rotating brushes that remove the dust from the panels. Two people are needed to put the robot in the beginning of the row and it moves along controlled by a computer.

The students who invented the machine won the second place in the First Look West competition. It is little known fact that the dirty solar panels are the reason for huge energy loss every year.

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