One Minute Cleaning Rule – New Way to Outsmart Dirt


Household chores, they are as numerous as the hours of the day. Most people, especially the highly-organised ones want to fit as much tasks as possible into their daily schedule. But where does cleaning go then?

Kelly Exeter  shares her smart approach to coping with the piles of clutter and manage time more effectively.

When planning your day and organising all tasks, fitting more and more into your schedule won’t help you get more done. It is smart to use your free time to your benefit and one major point of applying the one-minute-cleaning rule is the opportunity to create more time for yourself.

Piles cause discomfort, even if they are not disorder, they are clutter. The more they pile up, the more time is needed to arrange them. The harder cleaning seems, the less eager one is to do it. So let piles pile up and put up with it. This is not a solution.

The one-minute rule, which inspired Kelly Exeter, comes from Gretchen Rubin’s book “The Happiness Project”. The rule goes: ”if something takes less than one minute to do, do it straight away.”

Integrating this simple rule in your daily life, starting from making the bed for a minute, or tossing the empty milk carton in the dust bin.

Kelly Exeter suggests making a list of all the one-minute routines that one can deal with immediately. List and tick off all the little things you have managed to do. The list will become longer with time, but you will gain some “me-time” and never sacrifice it for tackling clutter or cleaning.


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