Nightly Surprise Cleanings in Ohio – Cleaning Fairy

a real cleaning fairy arrestedSusan Warren, 53 is facing legal charges for breaking into private property and cleaning up. The catch is that she was not cleaning voluntarily, she left a bill for her surprised clients.

There are two reported cases of ‘cleaning burglary’  in Ohio and the person responsible is called the Cleaning fairy.

Susan was arrested on Tuesday. The ‘surprise cleaning victims’ reported that they had some cups in the sink and then cleaning Fairy washed them all. Sherry Bush, the home owner, stated that the cleaning lady not only took out the trash, but cleaned all carpeting and then cleaned the kid’s room.

Susan Warren is no fairy at all, because her cleaning surprise is not for free. Victims found a note on a napkin with the following statement: ‘$75 I was here to clean,’ with her coordinates: name and phone number.

Home-owners notified the authorities and Susan Warren was soon arrested. Her name and number gave her away.

Luckily, nothing was stolen from the cleaned premise. Susan Warren admitted to doing this all the time and faced charges of trespassing and “cleaning” someone’s house.

Professional cleaning does not come for free, but it should not be administered illegally.

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