Man Got Addicted to Cleaning after Corneal Transplantation


Man that hardly ever dusted his own desk got transformed into a cleaning freak, after receiving an eye transplantation. He got a corneal implant transplanted and out of the blue became addicted to cleaning. It seems that obsession for cleaning is transplantable, in other words, passes on. You get an eye implant and then you already have an eye for beauty, cleanliness and order.

Mr Palmer, sincerely believes that his implant belonged to a woman, or was even donated by a cleaning maid. His new favourite pass-time and dedication were greatly appreciated by his partner Ms Gadsby. A man that cleans and what is more loves to clean is rare to find.

Mr Palmer, a financial adviser by vocation, now enjoys a doing a regular dusting or vaccum cleaning. Before the transplantation, tackling any domestic chore seemed extrinsic of him.

It is clear that, eventhough Mr Palmer would never know where his implant came from and was the donor a cleaning master, dust and grime are now an unsightly view that really makes him feel uneasy and the urge to clean rises up.

Cleaning would no longer be a problem when your partner had an eye for cleaning, wouldn’t it?


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