How To Clean Your Kitchen & Your Body With The Keto Diet

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Diets are very popular nowadays. More people are becoming aware of the impact that alimentation has on their health. Due to junk food, obesity has become a serious problem that is a direct cause of other health issues like high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and more.

By changing your diet and your lifestyle you can take the first steps in improving the way you feel and look. Our suggestion is to try the ketogenic diet.

Keto is a diet that requires you to eat lots of healthy fats and eliminate carbs.

The first thing that you have to do when starting keto, is to CLEAN UP your kitchen and throw away everything that is not healthy. Get rid of cookies, bread, pasta, everything made from cereal. Also, give up vegetables like potatoes, and all fruits except for berries. As you know, fruits like bananas, pears, and pineapple have a lot of sugar.

From now on, on your groceries list, you must put meat, fish, avocado, organic oils (olive oil, macadamia oil, coconut oil), and eggs. Don’t worry, you can still eat green vegetables like spinach, romaine lettuce, broccoli, cabbage. Using an instant pot is a plus, but cleaning it should be on your list too.

Now that you know what you can eat on the keto diet, let’s see how it works.

When you eliminate carbohydrates, your body will no longer get energy from glucose (sugar). After a period in which you eat 30-or-less grams of carbs per day, your body will start turning to its fat stores in order obtain energy.

It’s important to remember that the ketogenic diet has been used for decades to treat different diseases like Alzheimer, epilepsy, and cancer. So not only will you lose weight, but you will feel better.

Let’s take a closer look at how cancerous cell function so you can understand why keto is so useful. Cancerous cells have 23 times more insulin receptors than a regular healthy cell. ‘

They feed themselves with glucose and multiply. These sick cells can’t metabolize fatty acids (ketones) for energy. So, when you eliminate glucose you are essentially starving cancerous cells and stop them from growing and spreading in your body.

Here’s what Luke Hughes, a reputable professional trainer from OriGym has to share:

A keto diet, or a ketogenic diet, is one that deprives the body of carbohydrates, thus forcing the body to use up fat stores in order to produce energy. This lack of carbohydrates forces the body into what is called ketosis, which is essentially a survival mode during which the liver produces ketones from fat stores (as opposed to glucose produced from carbohydrates). The benefit is that weight loss can be rapid, as the body almost exclusively runs off fat, however the diet can be dangerous for anyone with low blood sugar or conditions like diabetes. A keto meal plan tends to include plenty of red meat, fish, eggs, vegetables like broccoli and avocado, and cheese, while omitting carbs like bread, rice, and pasta.

As you can see, the ketogenic diet has tremendous benefits for your health, in both preventing and improving the way you feel, even if you already have serious medical problems. Although the keto diet won’t heal you from cancer alone (you still must take your treatment and follow your doctor’s indications), you will see benefits after changing your way of eating.

That’s why you should not consider keto a diet that you follow for a period to lose weight. Keto is a lifestyle that you can follow on long-term with your family.

The fun thing about keto is that you don’t have to feel hungry like you do with other diets. You can delicious steaks, omelettes, bacon, ham, even keto friendly pizza. There are so many recipes that you can try.

A different opinion from Marla Gates, from the lovely blog which can surely be of interest to others:

As far as the Keto diet I do not follow any specific diet Keto, Paleo etc..I my self battle food allergies and sensitivities so I eat what my body allows. The keto diet seems to be very popular lately and I have read from quite a few of the bloggers that I have followed for a long time that swear by it. I firmly believe that we are individuals and we need to find what works for us, but I do have a few other articles and information on my blog about Keto since it seems to generate traffic.

Of course,  the keto diet has indeed become quite trendy lately but it’s definitely not one size fits all. Another crucial take out is not to rush into a diet without being fully aware of its potential impact on your body. Although the positive feedback for the keto diet is immense, taking precaution is always a must.

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