Dry Cleaning Prices Rise Because of Wire Hangers

The costs of the dry cleaning services will probably go up very soon because of the wire hangers which were made in Vietnam.

The prices of the hangers the dry cleaning companies used are rising and this is going to have influence on the prices of the services offered. The reason of the rising costs is the trade penalty which the United States imposed on the wire hangers imported from Vietnam last week.

Sooner or later this is going to take effect on the price the customers pay. Now a wire hanger of this type is about 6 cents and when the penalty becomes fact, the dry cleaning companies will have to pay about 9 cents per hanger. Most of the owner admit they are going to pass the cost on their customers otherwise some of them will have to close their cleaning services.

A dry cleaner in California shared that the expenses for the wire hangers are the second biggest cost they have to pay after the rent.

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Nicholas Carr

Nicholas Carr

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