Dish Washing Soap as Weed Killer and Ant Repellent

dishwashing soap as a weed killerDish washing soap and non-phosphate detergents can be used for a wide range of domestic purposes, not only for washing up the dishes after dinner, cleaning experts reveal. Mild dishwashers make perfect natural herbicides and ant repellents, here is more.

Weeding is usually associated with the use of harsh toxic herbicides. Yes, they kill unwanted growth, but also pollute severely. Why the risk, when experts reveal that a mixture of vinegar, salt and just a teaspoon of dishwashing soap can effectively and gently kills weeds in the garden in a less toxic way. Once the solution is applied to cracks and potential weed sprouting locations, weeds can hardly grow.

Ants are a big problem, especially in summer. No matter where they thrive indoors or outdoors, they can be repelled or as specialists say ’washed away’ using a mild environmentally friendly mixture. Surprisingly a solution of equal parts water and vinegar with few drops liquid dishwashing detergent, sprayed on the invaded area, works wonders and keeps ants away from your picnic blanket.

Green and natural cleaning solutions are gaining more ground, and this is a trend worth supporting. Mild solutions work as effectively as their traditional counterparts, some patience and extra efforts may be required, but this results in safety and health that endure. How do you deal with weeds and pests?

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