Collecting Vintage Vacuum Cleaners as a Hobby

vacuum cleaners collection

A teenager from Bolingbrook, Chicago, has taken up collecting vintage vacuum cleaners as a hobby. The 15-year-old has a passion for vacuum cleaning.

The collection is kept in a room similar to a garage. But how did he ended up having 150 vacuum cleaners?

There is a controversy, as a little boy Jon Durfor was not a big fan of these carpet cleaning machines. His was actually terrified of these noisy home cleaning equipement, thinking that they were possessed by an evil spirit that can harm him.

However, the teenager now has about 150 vacuum cleaners, all of them in perfect condition, all working properly.

The boy’s father is really proud of his son, saying that the kid overcame its fear, by turning it into an obsession.

The oldest vacuum cleaner in Durfor’s collection was manufactured in 1907.

The boy has a learning disorder, but thanks to his passion, his parents are now proud of him as being a straight-A sophomore in high school.

His mother really prides herself on her son’s collection. Carpet cleaning and vacuuming must be a an interesting activity when you can clean with a different vacuum cleaner every other day.

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