Cleaning Formula Prevents Chewing Gums from Sticking

chewing gum depositsA cleaning company in Sunderland announced they have a solution which will prevent chewing gums from sticking to the surfaces.

We all know how hard is to remove chewing gum from any kind of surfaces including clothes and pavements. Now it won’t be a problem for Sunderland residents and cleaners to remove the chewing gums thrown on the ground.

The director of the company which owes the rights for the solution, Paul Robson announced that the expanses on chewing gums cleaning in the United Kingdom are more than 150 million pounds. Now when there is a solution to the problem, those expanses will be reduced to a minimum.

The detergent which prevents the chewing gums from sticking has to be applied on the surface as if it is paint. It is non-toxic and it doesn’t contain any chemicals, harmful for the people. The company also announced that there was a lot of international interest in the product.

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