Certain Aromas Can Make People Happy Scientists Say

aromas-make-us-happyWe at Cleanerconfessions.com have made a small research among our partner cleaning companies. As they have experience in making homes shine and smell fresh, we asked them: What is their favourite scent? How does a clean house smell? What is the aroma that customers like most?

Scientists have found it, scent is very powerful, we do recognise some of the aromas and our noses analyse them. Smells do affect mood and a certain scent can appeal to a vast majority of people. So let’s reveal which smells can cheer you up.

Daily mail points out the smell of baked potato as the happy smell. Most cooking aromas affect the mood positively. They either recall some pleasant childhood memories, or the smell is so comforting as it is associated with the warm and tasty meal.

The ‘Maillard Effect’ is the major trigger of this mental reaction. Aroma recognition and analysis is a complex function in the brain. It is connected with memories and thus makes the person reminisce the first time he/she encountered that smell, in most cases a positive memory.

Air Wick conducted a survey and found that freshly baked bread was the scent most people listed as their favourite. This is the aroma regarded as homely, connected with grandparents’ house during the weekends or on family gatherings. Good news to all cleaners, the smell of clean sheets ranks second. And logically the most disliked smells are those of a dirty toilet, unpleasant body odours and so on.

What is your favourite aroma?

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