Carpet Cleaning Truck on Fire for Thanksgiving

carpet cleaning truck on fireThe Thanksgiving Day in Cape Coral started with fire when carpet cleaning truck burst into flames on 22nd of November.

Fortunately no one was injured and the only thing which was thoroughly destroyed was the truck. The accident happened on Santa Barbara Boulevard in the town of Cape Coral, Florida. This is not the first incident of this kind and the scene of burning carpet cleaning trucks is something that people have seen in the United Kingdom as well.

James Landolina is the owner of the business and he was doing his job in one of their clients house when they told him the truck was on fire. Hid reaction was to call 911 but even the fire-fighters couldn’t stop the flames. All that remained from the truck is metal in strange shapes.

The carpet cleaner is thankful that nobody got hurt but this was the only truck they owned. According the fire investigators, the flames started from behind the driver’s seat and it was technical problem.

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