Britons Endangered by Infections

Clean Living RoomExperts claim that many Britons are endangered by infections because of their bad cleaning habits.

A research was made among 2 000 people in order to find out more about the habits of the UK home-owners. The results showed that only 5 percent of the people describe their houses as clean and healthy. The other 95% admit their homes are not clean enough and one person in every five admits their home is not clean at all. This might lead to very serious health problems and infections.

Other confessions Britons made are that even when they clean, they do not follow some simple rules. Cleaning with the same tools for a long time or not wearing safety clothes when using chemicals are only two of the many exceptions. Some of the participants in the survey even admit they just open the window to remove the smell and do not clean the dirty area.

Experts remind everyone how important it is to clean on a regular basis using the proper tools and products. It is very likely the dirt into a home to cause infections made by Campylobacter bacteria. That is why you should forget about your bad cleaning habits and try to keep your home cleaner. If you cannot do it yourself, you can always turn to professionals for help.

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