Bath Mats Bacteria Can Cause Respiratory Problems

bath mat and its health impactAccording to a recent study issued in the Journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology bath mats harbour dangerous bacteria.

Bath mats usually placed on the bathroom entrance or near the toilet bowl turned out to be breeding pathogenic organisms. Some of them are capable of causing severe infections. Contamination with the Methylobacterium for example can lead to respiratory problems.

Bathroom is one of the most humid places found in every home. It is not surprising that bathrooms are usually infested by mould, but there seems to be more harmful hazard living just beneath our bare feet. A shower mat is a real disaster as it can harbour bugs. Just imagine it in contact with an open cut on your body.

Professor Norman Pace at the University of Colorado warns athletes and other people with an active lifestyle to avoid stepping and standing on a mats that seem mouldy and unclean. The risk of contamination remains high.

Any fabric in the bathroom from towels to rugs should be dried after showering. For additional cleanliness antibacterial spray can be used. Weekly washing is a must, depending on how often you shower, it can be done twice a week.

Health is never to be compromised, a small change in your lifestyle can save your life.

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