Another Celebrity Clean Freak – Kelly Clarkson

kelly clarkson loves cleaningThe American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson admits to being a clean freak.

When it comes to cleaning she is uncompromising. She is into cleaning almost as much as she is into singing. She admits to spending every spare minute cleaning when she is not working on new songs or performing live.

Kelly loves organizing and cleaning. She told UK TV show that cleaning is her favourite pass-time, it soothes her. She cleans to songs of her preference and this is how she chills out best.

Being a clean freak is hard when performing around the world and touring on a bus. Kelly reveals that she doesn’t only feel homesick, but she misses her own kitchen and private room. Being surrounded by a large support team is a mixed blessing. But having fun and enjoying the ride is her way of coping with nostalgia.

The American idol winner is now 30 years old. She loves her career but being famous and attracting public attention is what makes her feel awkward.

Thankfully, cleaning is a good therapy.

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