How to Clean and Refinish a Wood Deck

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A wonderfully redecorated wood deck will not only look good but also prolong the life of your deck. Not only that, but a well-done patio will surely increase the price tag of your property and even help it sell faster.

Redecorating a wood deck entails some fundamental steps, such as:

  • Deck Inspection;
  • Deck Cleaning;
  • Power washing (deep cleansing);
  • Fining sand;
  • Discolouration and Sealing;
  • Waste disposal.

In this article, you’ll find out how you can do a professional-looking renovation in a weekend break or less. You can change a boring and exhausted old wood deck right into a lovely and pleasant are for you to spend your free time in the fresh air.

Evaluation and Initial Cleaning.

The very first step in your wood deck renovation should be a property evaluation of its current condition. Look out for loosening boards or any other architectural issues, such as decaying or badly split wood. Make sure to get all the furniture and belongings out first.

If you have a varnished or re-painted wooden deck but also you desire a tarnished look, you will certainly need to remove the paint or varnish off the deck surface. Use a paint pole, then use a deck cleaner and also re-sand extensively prior to applying a brand-new coating.

Power Washing a Wooden Deck.

Take care below!

Power cleaning a wood deck will certainly either rapidly deep-clean your deck (if you actually know what you’re doing) or promptly wreck the boards (if you aren’t sure what you’re doing).

Way too much water-jet stress will certainly engrave the wood as well as destroy the boards. Power washing machines are functional power devices that can be used to strip paint or even engrave blocks. They are available in a range of designs and levels of pressure.

Here are a few pointers for cleansing any wooden piece::

  • Look out for the most affordable pressure system that still supplies reliable cleansing.
  • Pressure levels for softwood such as cedar should fit the range between 500 psi to 600 psi; The more challenging types of timber might require more.
  • Power cleaning your deck safely and efficiently is simple if you take proper care. Success boils down to pressure.

Sanding your Wood Deck.

As soon as you power-wash the deck, it is highly likely that the wood fibres will certainly increase as they broaden due to water exposure. You sand your wood deck prior to discolouration and any final touches. If you want professional results, sanding is simply a must. A well-done deck will lack the presence of harmful splinters. A reminder worthy of your attention is to appoint a booking with a window cleaning company, for you exterior will most-likely be a mess!

The best way to sand would be via an orbital sander. You also have to beware of using the right grit of sandpaper. Utilizing a high grit will certainly limit stains from setting in, extensively right into the wood. Use a type of sandpaper that is also rugged. However, you might harm the wood if you are not cautious.

Picking a Wood Stain.

Among one of the essential choices, you will make for your deck renovation is the type of finish and sealant.

Like any other house repair jobs, 80% of the job is in the prep work. The application stain is a simple component. However, picking a low-cost and also inadequate discolouration product will just squander the labour you have invested and also cause extra work later in the process.

If you visit any of the many shops for gear and materials, you’ll see numerous alternatives to external wooden deck discolouration products and sealants. Some will be water-based and some will be oil-based.

You might be attracted right into what appears like the simple and cost-effective alternative of a water-based stain. However, you should beware. These products do not last as long as oil-based products and do not saturate right into the board pores.

Another crucial fact you need to understand is that the real shade of the stain used might change over time, compared to what you see on the shade pamphlet. Make sure to validate exactly how the stain will impact your type of wood prior to purchasing it.

Applying Wood Deck Stain.

Now the good part begins!

Discolouring the deck is where you see all your effort taking place. When starting the discolouration process, begin with the handrails and then make your way to the boards. Use all-natural china bristle brushes for discolouring the tiny locations, such as handrails as well as for trim boards.

The wood deck boards are best discoloured with a level paint-pad applicator. Making use of a paint pad applicator gives you protection over a large area and the capability to conveniently keep a damp side, and also leads to a good application of stain.

The Finished Stained Wooden Deck.

After completion of the job, the result is a stunningly renovated wooden deck. Utilizing the correct prep work as well as treatment methods together with high-quality products will certainly provide you an enduring and gorgeous outcome. All left is to place some patio sofas and get ready to fire up the BBQ party!

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