World Water Day: How Much Water We Waste

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22nd of March is the World Water Day. It is not a day spent celebrating but it is more like a day when we have to think about the water resources of our planet.

Did you know that there are 780 million people around the globe, who do not have access to clean water? And at the same time there are people wasting more water than the amount which a family of four needs for a day. In fact we waste the water resources of our planet in one really ridiculous way. Not to mention the thousands gallons of water polluted by different oil spills. We waste water while we cook, clean or even while we brush our teeth.

What’s the best thing to do? There are many ways to save this precious resource according to the experts. A well-known fact is that an average family let 95% of the water, it receives, in the drain and we can change that. We can use new toilets which use thee times less water than the old ones. We can buy new washing machines which were also made to save water using less amount. In many cases, especially while cleaning people can use wet wipes instead of tap water.

The World Water Day was yesterday but it doesn’t mean that it’s the only day of the year when we have to think about the water resources of the Earth. After all, let’s not forget the future of our plane is the future of our children.

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