Women Still in Charge of Domestic Cleaning Even When Living with a Non-Working Partner

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Men and Women CompetingWomen remain in charge of the entire household even when they share accommodation with a non-working male partner. A new research reveals that women still do most of the housework while their partners rarely attend to the home.

The research was carried among 30 young working-class couples who live together aged 19-35. Even though men are not going to work they regard housecleaning chores as something reserved for women only. Non working men do less household chores because they regard them as non-masculine.

In the case when men are inclined to get some domestic work done, women are strictly supervising them and still remain in charge and accountable for the way men do the cleaning.

30% of the couples questioned are sharing the money making. Men prefer working women who contribute to paying bills and etc. Women on the other hand wish men were more willing to give them a helping hand when it comes to domestic chores and share housework and money-making equally.

The study also stresses on the record numbers of unemployed fathers. 10 % of them look after their kids while the working mother shoulders the financial responsibilities.

Researchers say that even when men aren’t working they regard household work as a challenge for their masculinity.

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