Who Cleans More: Men or Women

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Who does more domestic work, men or women? It has been proven that as the age advances men are getting more housework done, but how come?

A census in Australia has the answer. Everyone aged 15 and older was asked to give information on the time spent cleaning. They all shared the hours they spend cleaning weekly. Women said that they clean 2 hours a day on average. Men clean for an hour, which is just half of the daily cleaning women do.

This is a trend, which is typical for the men aged between 25-64, women clean twice as much as men. Things change a bit when age advances and especially in the child-bearing years. Then men are willing to dedicate 10 more minutes to house cleaning tasks while women spend some 40 extra minutes. Cleaning is not the only thing men are more inclined to do, they also tend to get involved in cooking, laundry, gardening, repair and so on.

There is an unexpected turn in retirement years. Men start do dedicate more and more time to cleaning and women less. In the age between 64-84 years an overage man will clean up to an hour and a half daily. Women seem to get tired of cleaning with the years passing.

The main reason forcing men to clean is that they start to spend more time indoors and stop working on repair, gardening and etc. They let women take care of the offspring and be the homemaker.

Source: http://www.theaustralian.com.au

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