We Spend Six Years of Our Life Cleaning

Have you ever wondered how much time do you spend cleaning? It is probably half an hour a day or several hours a week. But do you know how much time of your life, you spare for that purpose?

Latest research shows that an average person who lives in the United Kingdom, spend almost six year cleaning the house and dealing with similar household chores such as ironing and decluttering. And this is the good statistics because experts also claim that bigger part of the population spends even a decade doing this.

Another interesting statistics is that people not only spend a lot of time cleaning but they also spend part of dealing with some strange tasks such as ironing underwear or even hair. There are even Britons who admit they spend four hours everyday handling the household chores which means they are obsessed.

Experts don’t stop here. Other research shows that women are still those who deal with the cleaning tasks and only in quarter of all households the chores are spared equally between men and women. What can we do to cut the time we spend cleaning? As a beginning we can start hiring professionals more often. It is going to prolong our life, scientists say.

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Bryan Stockton Harrison

Bryan is another person we are glad to have around.

As end of tenancy cleaning is crucial for both tenants and landlords, Bryan has a lot to offer in terms of ideas and effective, cost-saving cleaning strategies. He is the one to consult on where to focus when cleaning before moving out or after moving in. Bryan has lots of interesting stories about all unusual objects found during his time in the end of tenancy cleaning profession. He has experience, a sense of humor and more than his fair share of stories and CleanerConfessions is proud to have him as a part of the team.

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