Volunteers to Clean Up Australia

On February 21st, 2012 By 

It was issued lately that there are many places across Australia which need thorough cleaning from the trash thrown out by the people. The perfect time to take care of the beautiful nature is the Clean Up Australia Day, which is on 4th of March.

Ian Kiernan who is a founder of the organization asks all people across the country to take part in the cleaning up of those places. Another thing Australians can help for is the marking of those places in the area they live in. If you are not capable of cleaning together with the rest of the volunteers, you can at least check which are the spots in your town that need attention.

One of the places which is going to be cleaned is the Point Impossible beach which is for nudists. The team cleaning the spot is going to walk around along the beach in order to remove all the trash collected there and make it a better place. Jenni Gregson and her team is going to clean the beach without any clothes but they assured the people that they won’t be dressed like that while dealing with the trash on the parking lot.

If you want to take part in the Clean Up Australia Day, you can do it on the 4th of March. After all we are those who can make the Earth cleaner place.

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