US Nation Concerned about Carbon Pollution

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carbon pollution endangers humansThe latest climate changes and severe storms in the United States made the nation to start thinking a little bit more about the carbon pollution in the air. The latests events made the Americans to take the first step toward the pollution reduction.

It was estimated that during 2011 and 2012 the costs of the damages made by the storms, floods, heat and drought are for more than a billion dollars. This finally made the people to realize how serious the climate changes can be and that pollution really affects humans. It is also obvious that it is more efficient to invest in pollution reduction than spending money on fixing damages caused by sever weather.

The predictions for the near future according the International Energy Agency, the U.N. Environment Programme and the World Bank are not very good when it comes to carbon polluting and smog. This is seriously endangering the climate and also our food and air supplies. People’s health will be influenced and respiratory illness will probably become the most serious problem.

What are the forecasts? Even with the new precautions and changes planned by the administration of president Obama, the pollution in the nest 30 years will be reduced with some 5% according the experts.

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