Tripping over a Mop – That’s a £9,000- Compensation

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trips and falls are rewarded

A council cleaner was given about £9,128 as a compensation for stumbling over a mop. The cleaner was working for the Rotherham Council in South Yorkshire, when he tripped over a mop handle, fell and strained a muscle.
The figures were made public under the Freedom of Information Act. For the past 5 years the council has awarded £1million in compensation for minor injuries, such as falls and slips. Falling off chairs cost £26,867 in compensation to 3 administrative assistants.

Taxpayers’ Alliance reacted to this unfair practice by asking Rotherham Council to start monitoring avoidable cleaning accidents and cut down expenses and compensations. taxpayers are not those that should pay for such cases, where some caution and care would prevent most of the accidents.

After all, Rotherham Council takes pride in its risk assessment and health management success, focusing on the safety and welfare of its residents and employees.

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