Tribute to the Street Cleaner Who Died Countering a Burglar

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street cleaner stabbed to death

A street cleaner who was stabbed as he was trying to tackle a burglar, has died of his injuries, police say.

Piotr Mikewicz, 40, saw the burglar making his way from a nearby house, with two laptops in his hands. The hero cleaner used a cleaning tool – his broom to tackle the raider hitting him on the head. The cleaner was knifed in the chest while attempting to defend his own home from the same raider.

The tragic accident happened in West London, Shepherd’s Bush, on a street with houses valued more than £1m each. Unfortunately, the hero cleaner died from his stubbing injuries. A 30-year old man suspect is arrested and investigated over his involvement in the brutal attack. Another two alleged allies have been arrested and questioned.

It is really sad that a family man who was a hard-working and a good person had to die in such a brutal way. He bravely intervened and tried to prevent theft. The hero cleaner was given an emergency heart treatment by the medics and then airlifted to the nearest hospital. But it took too long and the man died in hospital.

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