Tottenham School Wins a Cleaning Competition

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cleaning litter campaign

Tottenham School became the winner of a national wide cleaning up competition. Wisdom School excelled in keeping the community clean and removing litter gum.

Phillip Lane, a school representative, revealed that thanks to an effectively implemented action plan and the outstanding dedication of students in reducing litter and thus improving the representative look of their school.

It was the students who were interested in taking part in the cleaning competition. Students helped in improving the area condition, one of the major goals of the competition initiated by Wrigley and Keep Britain Tidy. One of the aims of the cleaning competition was cleaning littered gum.

The cleaning efforts of the students were recorded on videos. Chewing gum was removed from desks and litter around the school cleared. A litter-pick was later organized to transport the trash to a local dumping ground.

The school was rewarded  with a professionally designed poster, thanks to Wrigley and will be granted a talking bin by Keep Britain Tidy expressing its gratitude by speaking any time you toss litter.

Such campaigns stimulate environment care and help students dedicate their enthusiasm to socially beneficial activities. This project is one of the many to come that make a difference, according to the head of humanities and science, Mr Damian Gray, who encouraged students in being proactive and environmentally minded.

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