Thousands Spend on Cleaning Chewing Gums

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image of chewing gum spots on pavementsThe problem with the chewing gums thrown out on the footpaths seems very serious. According to one of the Adelaide Now writers it is as serious as the cigarette butts with the only difference that it is more expensive and hard to get rid of them.

The amount of money spent every year on cleaning gums from the pavements in Australia is $200 000. In Britain it is over 500 million dollars And all we have to do to avoid this is to start disposing used chewing gums properly. Rex Jory, an advertiser thinks that most people do not notice the black spots along the pavements because they already got used to seeing them.

Unfortunately, even when the chewing gums was removed, there may be a spot left on the surface which is also hard to remove. Before the Olympic Games in Australia, there was a massive campaign about the removal of gums from a 3 km long footpath. The total number of removed black spots was 300 000. This costs a lot because chemicals used for the purpose are expensive.

The problem is not only the gum cleaning from the pavements. Some of these pieces get transferred to our homes and carpets. This is when it becomes worse as cleaning a chewing gum from a carpet is a tough task.

Lately, more people started supporting campaigns which purpose is to ban the chewing gums. They think that people should change their mind and stop throwing out gums otherwise they need to be banned.

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