The Perfect British Gentleman is Not Only Clean Shaven

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David Beckham a good example of a contemporay gentThe perfect British gentleman is described in a new book. Today’s’ gents are non-smokers, having replaced cigarettes with chewing gum, clean-shaven, and wearing no tie.

This is a clean portrait of the contemporary man, included in the book titled ‘Gentlemen’s Pursuit – A Country Miscellany for Discerning Chaps’. The book tracks the evolution of the perfect gent image. Back in the beginning of the 20th century an ideal gentleman would ride a Rolls-Royce, go to Proms, practice shooting and go tobogganing.

The gentleman of today rides a Land Rover, wears no tie, drinks New Zealand wine and spends the winter holidays skiing in France. Good manners include representable outfit, spotless jacket and etc.

To add some more style to this already perfect image the perfect gentleman should own a house in Fulham, which is immaculate and shiny, managed by a manservent and probably a cleaning maid.

Among one of the things that a real gentleman would never do is to plant a hanging basket, meaning that no gardening skills are required to be a gent.

David Beckham, to no surprise, is listed as one of the five perfect gentlemen of the year due not only to his meticulous manners, but also to his tattoo passion.

Which are the traits and activities you attribute to a perfect gentleman? Is cleaning or cooking one of the most valued skills?


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