The Most Bed Bug Infested City: Chicago

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Chicago: the bed bugs city

Are you curious to know which is the worst bed bug city? Let’s go the United States of America, Chicago wins this notorious title for being the city with the most frequent and intensive bed bugs treatment, not only in the US.Most pest-control companies in the US saw a big increase in bed bug treatment demand. Bed bug business has undergone a great boost of almost 33 percent during the past year.

New York ranks number 10, and it seems that they have tackled the problem bringing bed bugs under control. Chicago is to react promptly to the problem, to catch up with the pest control measures.

Specialists warn that bed bugs can hide everywhere not only in the bedroom. They can be found even on airplanes and movie theatres. So when travelling have this in mind.

According to the Trubune, low cleanliness levels is not the main factor when it comes to bed bugs population. Clutter is the main trigger of their multiplication. These nasty creatures are attracted by clutter.

Main ways to spot bed bugs population is to look for rust-coloured stains on bed linen accompanied by a sweet musty odour. Before you know they might have already infested your home. As one can hardly feel when they bite, as they inject anaesthetic that makes the biting painless, some prompt care should be administered.


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