Suffering OCD? Start Cleaning Business

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Common OCD symptom.If you haven’t heard of OCD, we will explain what does it mean. This is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – a disorder when the person is obsessed with cleaning and germs. People suffering from OCD are anxious and worried. One of the most common symptoms is too often hand washing.

What can you do when you have such problem? The first thing is to visit a doctor who can help you handle the problem easily. And after that you can start a cleaning business, experts say.

People who suffer OCD indeed love cleaning. Wiping the dust and vacuuming the carpet makes them happy. Then why not make money by doing your favourite things.

Vicky Harrison – woman who has such disorder did exactly this. She is 26 year old and it is her passion to iron the clothes, clean the bathroom and fold the towels. She shared in an interview for Mirror that it is hard for her to have a job as she gets obsessed about almost everything. Having dinner in a restaurant is also hard as Vicky starts worrying whether the forks and knives are cleaned properly.

The OCD is very hard to live with but in the case of Harrison it helped her realise she can manages her own cleaning business and she can do it well.

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