Strong Winds Sway Window Cleaner at Shard

On July 4th, 2012 By 

Strong winds in London swayed a window cleaning basket at Shard – the highest building in Europe two days ago. Fortunately the window cleaner had no injuries.

Shard has become the tallest building in London and Europe since it was completed in April this year. It will be opened tomorrow on 5th of July for the public and London citizens will be able to enjoy the wonderful view it reveals.

The cleaning of the windows for the upcoming opening of the building unfortunately was preceded by an accident. Strong winds started swaying a basket used for windows cleaning which was situated above the 72nd floor. There was one of the cleaners who is not injured luckily.

Emergency services and ambulances arrived at the scene as soon as possible. People who witnessed the accident took a short video of the basket swaying in the wind.

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