Simon Cowell No Longer Cleaning his Ferrari

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As most of you probably know April 5th is the date when the hosepipe ban becomes valid. The affected areas are south-east of England and East Anglia, including London. It appears that today is the last day when you can water your plants or wash your car without being fined.

This especially refers to Simon Cowell whose Ferrari Spider received a thorough washing and scrubbing yesterday. He won’t be able to clean his car in front of his Holland Park home anymore unless he wants a fine of £1,000. The car was the first one produced with hard top which parts in 14 seconds and obviously Cowell takes care of it very well.

The hosepipe ban is going to affect not only the cleaning of the cars but walls and window cleaning as well. You are also not allowed to wash the paths and the patios with a hosepipe, neither to fill or maintaining your pool this way. All of you who have flowers and gardens have to find another source of water to irrigate them because you are no longer allowed to use domestic tap water.

And still our biggest concern these days is not how Simon Cowell is going to wash his Ferrari but will be the country capable of dealing with the drought.

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