Shops Not to Be Cleaned on Boxing Day

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Boxing day, the long awaited holiday held after Christmas Day, is reserved for exchanging gifts. And may be this is one of the reasons why shopping assistants won’t clean on Boxing Day.As they are not working on Christmas, but after the holiday shopping fever, there will be a lot to clean and organize.

But holidays are holidays, and retailers in major Australian cities are banned from trading, but the ban obviously includes not showing up in the premise, so there hardly will be any stock arrangements and cleaning allowed.

Shops are defending their rights to be allowed to do some work, necessary to prepare for the following trade days, but to little avail.

Some shops on main tourist destinations will be open, as hotspots will definitely attract tourists, so legislation allows them to trade on boxing day.

Shopkeepers that do not obey this rule will be fined. It may seem strange that people eager to clean and water plants for example will not be allowed to do it, but that’s how the law goes.

Mr Baird who didn’t withdraw the Retail Trading Bill says that balance is required and all parties interested are considered.

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