Scottish Teen Cleans His Room to Find a Winning Lottery Ticket

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lottery-winnerDo you need a good reason for cleaning your room? You never know what is hiding under the bed, in your night stand drawers and so on. You might be lucky to find a winning lottery ticket, for example.

Dirty socks and a dozen of lottery tickets, that is what Ryan Kitchin had kept in his messy room.

The kid was told to clean his room a thousand times, but he was quite lucky when he actually decided to give his room a quick cleaning. The lottery tickets were waiting for him cluttered up.

He went to Tesco, his current works place, and checked them with his co-workers. Ryan, who is only 19 years old, was declared a winner to be some £52,981-richer.

The benefits of cleaning your room are many, especially if you are a messy kid you plays the lottery. Kitchin’s mother will be awarded a vacation as she was the main originator insisting on having the room cleaned. The boy also plans to invest his winnings in paying off his car loan.

So go and check your bedroom. You may be the next winner

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